Jan 31, 2014



i dont know how to start this ....__....

im a little bit upset with someone ...

well everything started from me , idk laaaa

i usually dont give a shit of small things like this but today its different 

i forgot to bring her paper today < the fact is i bring my paper but not her!!!! > so she got annoyed with me , well she didn't say that she got annoyed with me . but i know la inside of her head she already cursed me maaaaa haila , i dont really care about that pun sikit pun tak kisah because normal lah benda tu. 

the things yng buat aku upset with her is 
like shit byeeeeee

its so fucking awkward cibai idk how to talk pfff
i tried to make a conversation with her like a normal day that we always do.
but everytime i tried she cut it . i mean i asked her questions , ofc she replied me but she gives me a fucking short answer how im going to respond her X_X

and yeah i got upset with her .

but still layan2 aku jugak walaupun layanan hari ni macam pelik sikit , first period bulan 2 harini ni jugak so faham2 je hormon x betul tu yang jadi sensitif tetibe , tak pe aku faham.

to be fair, aku x hantar kertas aku sebab aku x bawak kertas dia . due date hari ni plak tu . so redah je x hantar , next baru aku hantar skali dgan kertas dia.

next time mintak jangan buat orng sebersalah dan jangan jadi macam aku macam tu lagi ah sedih aku....

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